Handee Band Exercise Kit For Kids 3-7 years old and up: An Independent way For Kids to Exercise all by themselves at Home or with the Whole Family. A Way for Teachers to Get Students Exercising in the Classroom!!

Get Exercising!!

Welcome to our FUN and EXCITING strengthening and sensory exercise kit for kids ages 3-7 and up!! With Handee Bands, kids have a Handee way to increase strength in their upper bodies, core and in the fine motor muscles of their hands. Handee Bands have Handee Prints that show kids exactly where to place their hands so they’re always in the right spot! Teachers, parents, and therapists love this HANDEE BAND kit for children. Use it at home with the entire family, individually or in large groups in the classroom, at circle time or during centers, and even on the playground. Spend 10-15 minutes per day and pick the exercises you want.  Watch how strong and confident your child will feel, by using Handee Band only 3 days a week!!